Why CFC?


Make no mistake; all CrossFit gyms are not created equal.  For this reason, we encourage you to do your homework.  Seek out and visit several CrossFit gyms before deciding where you will call home.  Ask questions, observe the community, and pay attention to the coaching and instruction.

CrossFit gyms are meant to be low volume, high quality training facilities.  This means you should seek small class size with individualized attention provided by highly trained and experienced coaches.  When you’ve done your research, we know you will make your way back to us for this reason: CrossFit Clarksville offers the highest quality CrossFit training available in an atmosphere that is second to none.


CFC offers a supportive community that fosters a genuine camaraderie and friendly competition among its members.  In and out of the gym we celebrate victories, mourn losses, mend wounds, sometimes fail, and ALWAYS improve TOGETHER.  We are soldiers, doctors, dads, moms, grandparents, and friends whose fitness levels range from novice to elite.  No matter your background, current fitness level, or athletic ability, when you walk through our doors you are family and an important part of something remarkably unique.  Check us out!  You’ll see!


At CFC we offer highly personalized training in an exciting group atmosphere.  When you join our community, you will receive personal coaching, group classes, nutrition education and materials, and most importantly RESULTS!  Our methods will not always be easy, but they work!  We make no apologies for our prices because we offer a product that is far superior to that of any other box.  If you are price shopping you should navigate away from this page now.

What are you waiting for?  Today is your day!  Call us to set up a tour of the facility!