Dave Taylor


CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach
POSE Level 1 Coach
Bachelors in Forestry from University of Tennessee
Bachelors in Physician Assistant Studies from UNMC
Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from UNMC

Dave was first introduced to CrossFit after returning from his first deployment in 2007. He spent the next year reading and learning everything he could about CrossFit and took his level one in 2008. That same year Dave met another CrossFitter who had just PCSd to Fort Hood, Don Clarkson, and together they founded Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood. While running CCF-FH Dave was fortunate enough to work with CFHQ on a US Army sanctioned study of high intensity fitness in comparison to traditional Army PT.

In 2012 Dave PCSd to Fort Sam Houston to attend the Army’s Interservice Physician Assistant Program. Dave’s love for CF led him to CrossFit Mettle where he continued coaching until the requirements of school became all encompasing. Dave completed the IPAP program in 2015 graduating with a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Upon graduation Dave PCS’d to Fort Campbell where he once again chose to feed his passion for helping others by joining the CFC coaching team.

Dave’s current goals include working to get back the level of fitness he enjoyed pre-PA school while spending time with his wife Jessica and sweet baby daughter Lydia.