Drew Bordelon

CrossFit Level 1 (2008)
CrossFit Judge

Drew was introduced to CrossFit in 2004 while he was in the training course for the U.S. Army Special Forces. Drew had been a fitness enthusiast for as long as he can remember, and this love of the extreme is what attracted him to Special Forces and CrossFit. He has always wanted a job that would challenge him both mentally and physically. When he was introduced to CrossFit, he realized that everything else he had been doing wasn’t preparing him for the challenges he would face in combat. He is quoted as saying, “There’s not much that needs to be curled while running in a gunfight carrying 70lbs of gear.”  Drew believes that with his introduction to CrossFit, his search for the best fitness program in the world was over and in 2005 he began using the CF training methodology exclusively. Since he first certified in 2008, the majority of Drew’s CrossFit training experience has been with his fellow Green Berets and any other interested soldier that had a desire to learn.

Although the physical benefits of CrossFit are indisputable, Drew also sees the importance of the Community that defines so many CF gyms. Drew has long since CrossFitted in the solitude of his own garage gym. Upon return from his fourth combat deployment, Drew’s AWESOME wife Stephanie (who herself has an amazing CrossFit story) talked him into trying out CFC.  Drew has been against the idea for years because he had yet to find a box that he felt truly understood CrossFit in it’s entirety and shared his views of how to employ the CrossFit methodology to the masses.

Drew brings with him years of experience, an unbelievable work capacity, and a wealth of knowledge. His enthusiasm to share that knowledge with the athletes of CFC is a cherished commodity. He is excited to work with people from all walks of life, who do not shy away from hard work and share one common goal: the desire to better themselves. Drew is now 30 years old and in the best shape of his life.  When asked, “Why are you stronger, faster, and healthier at 30 than you were at 21?”  Drew’s answer is simply, “CrossFit.”