Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson

CrossFit Level 1 (2014)
Licensed Physical Therapist                                                                                                                                       Sport and Performance Coach, USAW

Kelly graduated with a B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1985, before most of you were even born. She began her practice at an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana and loved working with athletes who were recovering from injuries. Her PT career continued 15 years. With 3 kiddos and a busy husband, she put her career aside and began her journey into fitness world. She taught Pilates (became certified) and became a wellness coach at several facilities here in Clarksville. Eventually she became a personal trainer through a program at the YMCA.

Her personal fitness has taken on many rolls beginning as an avid tennis player in college. She always had a love of the “globo” gym (urban dictionary def – big box gym where more often than not people don’t get in shape) workouts but in 2004 began her journey into running.  She has completed 9 half marathons and many shorter distance races. Then in 2009 she walked into her first CrossFit box not knowing what she was about to get in to.  Soon her 8th grade daughter and husband joined her. It was all they were talking about. She watched video after video of amazing WODs and thought , “This is just crazy”. She was hooked.

When this box closed, she returned to the local gym, but nothing was the same. Her friend, Beth, told her about this new neighbor that was doing these outrageous workouts in her driveway and thought she would like it. Well, that is when she met the Prathers – and so it began. She finally was encouraged to get her Level I certificate, achieved September 2014, and will begin teaching some AM classes. Her passion is working with mobility issues and minor pains/tweaks people get from time to time.