Laura Lupo
Laura Lupo

CrossFit Level 1 (2012)
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Judge

From a young age, Laura has always been a sports advocate.  From softball, to track, to volleyball, Laura has lead an active lifestyle not only as a kid but also into her adult years. After 7 years as a globo gym instructor, she began to grow bored with the mundane routine. She was hesitant to try CrossFit at first because she didn’t quite understand the methodology. But after being introduced to Reagan in 2012 and giving CF a try, she found her calling. Leaving the globo gym behind, she attended the CrossFit Level 1 course and became a CrossFit judge in 2013. Laura is a true believer in the CrossFit way and the benefits associated with it – so much as that she stays active trying to convert those around her!

Laura is married to a wonderful husband Dan, who is also a CrossFitter.  She is mom to two crazy boys, Rylan and Wyatt.

Laura’s only wish looking back: that she had found CrossFit sooner!