Reagan Prather
Reagan Prather

Co-Owner of CFC

CrossFit Level 2 (2015)
CrossFit Level 1 (2009)
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Judge
USAW Sports Performance Coach

Although Reagan has over 10 years of coaching and training experience in other disciplines, her passion for and dedication to the principles of CrossFit are unwavering.  After being introduced to CF in 2008, Reagan soon began her CF coaching career at Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood.  It was at CCFFH that she gained valuable coaching experience while participating as a trainer in the CFHQ and U.S. Army sanctioned study to compare the efficacy and efficiency of traditional Army physical fitness methods with those of CrossFit.

Reagan is a lifelong lover of sport and fitness with an athletic background in soccer.  She has been a successful coach in both the high school and competitive arenas and thoroughly enjoys training today’s promising young athletes.  Reagan strongly believes that the enhanced level of general fitness the CrossFit delivers is exactly what can take an athlete from good to great.

As a wife to JP and the mother of two little angels, Cannon and Mackenzie, Reagan also knows what it means to start from fitness ground zero.  She believes that CrossFit changes lives because it is the most efficient and effective path to overall wellness.

Without question, she knows that ANYONE can be CrossFit!